When you don’t have the time to keep up with expenses, revenue, invoices, payables, receivables, etc., and your account is in dire need of a cleanup or overhaul, we provide professional assistance.

If you are having technical issues with your QuickBooks transactions — such that your financial statements are displaying incorrect amounts — we can investigate and reconcile your books appropriately.

If you are busy and don't have time to micromanage accounts and keep track of due dates, we offer a hands-off approach with minimum time input from you. Our system is designed to allow you to focus more on your business while we handle the pain points.

If you already have an existing in-house bookkeeping system in place, not a problem — we can cross-check their work and could also act as backup when you need it.

If your business is new, and you won’t have enough work to justify hourly pay, our services are tailored to assist you as needed or by the project. If you have been managing your books through Excel and just can't do it anymore, we are here to help.

You may have been fed up using a subpar accounting system and ready to switch to QuickBooks Online or Xero, we get it and have the required expertise to properly set you up, Including your payroll, credit card, merchant and bank account integration.

Our work incorporates proper accounting principles and tax strategy in what we do, as a team backed by the expertise of CPAs and chartered accountants, we provide the finishing touch on your financials. Our CPAs provide guidance and expertise to make sure our bookkeepers and accountants stay pointed and focused in the right direction.

Our bookkeepers possess exceptional knowledge of QuickBooks Online and small business accounting that you can trust to complete tasks when assigned and by the deadline. We love our clients and strive to deliver tangible results to the businesses we work with. We enjoy helping business owners to see beyond just the numbers.

Our team of experts performs a variety of tasks, such as bank exports, PayPal exports, Stripe merchant accounts, and maintaining a history of notes to build or reconstruct your books. We also ensure that the accounting adhere to state and federal regulations. We are positioned to create a long-term relationship and grow with you as you work to expand your business steadily or rapidly.

We can import, categorize, and reconcile volumes of transactions from the following merchant and payment processing platforms:

  • Square
  • ADP
  • Gusto
  • Brex
  • Clearco
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • TransferWise
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Mercury
  • Bento

We make sure your books are in order so you can confidently approach lenders, investors, and more importantly, to confidently approach tax season with ease.

If you are interested in our services or have any questions, we would love the chance to speak with you. Please feel free to click on any of our experts here to request for a meeting or proposal.

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